J-Tech Network Solutions aims to quantify the threat to your
systems & networks! We then help you design a survival strategy

The security of your network is something that you cannot afford to comprimise. You and your customers have to feel secure in the knowledge that data you hold is secure and can withstand both concerted external and internal security threats. Weaknesses in networks can be caused by many factors and such weaknesses are what the hacker relies on.

Regular testing of the vulnerabilities in your network should be one of your top priorities - you can be sure that eventually they will be probed. Scanning technologies are progressing rapidly and it does not take a great deal of effort to quickly scans millions of networks and then follow up the inevitable holes that are found. If you don't regularly audit the vulnerability of your network then you are playing Russian Roulette with your data, the integrity of your networks and ultimately the trust placed in you by customers.

Eventually you will be facing that loaded cartridge - can you honestly say you are prepared for that moment? Would you even know if someone was even now enumerating your network for attack? Or worse, if your network has already been penetrated? Are your systems wide open to the outside world and do you even know?

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