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Hard drive data recovery for Canada





With several years of experience and dedication to data recovery in Canada we've made possible what others say is impossible: recovering lost data from severely damaged, crashed hard drives and corrupt file systems.

We specialize in safe and secure hard disk recovery and extractions from failed, crashed or malfunctioning disk drives . We've helped many individuals and companies recover their data from physically or logically damaged disk drives.

Most cases of data loss include one or more of the following: your drive was accidentally formatted, files were deleted, the drive won't boot, or your drive appears in the bios but isn't accessible. Other signs of date loss or hard drive damage are drives that are making a clicking, hard disk clanking, knocking or pinging, if the drive has suffered a surge or other physical damage, or if the drive is not recognized in the BIOS. We have successfully recovered data from hard drives in all of these cases .

The first thing to remember is not to panic. There IS a solution. At J-Tech Network Solutions we understand the importance of your data. We work hard at providing you with fast, confidential, and reliable service in order to get you and your data back into a stable working environment.

Starting with a free phone consultation, you will be provided with the guidance and expertise you need in order to quickly get your data back into a more productive environment.


Supported Hard Disk Drives

Desktop Hard Drives
Mobile Hard Drives
Notebook/Laptop Hard Drives
All Formats Including
All Brands Including
Western Digital
Sam Sung

To begin your hard disk drive data recovery process, please fill out the form located at the bottom of this page or phone us at (204.832.9810) to speak to a data recovery technician. We will provide you with a price estimate based on your information and turnaround time requirements.We will also go through a full breakdown of our data recovery process. You will be guided through our assessment form so that we may have all the information needed to give you the best chance of recovery.

Once your media is received it will undergo a full diagnostic evaluation in our secure data recovery lab at no charge. This will allow us to accurately describe the problems associated with your media and to provide you with a firm price for the full data recovery process.

Once the quote has been approved by you, we will then perform the data recovery process, working from the hexadecimal level (we go behind the code) in order to fully recover the data from the damaged media


Media related Problems and Causes

- Computer Virus or worm
- Accidental file deletion or format
- Improper shutdown
- Physicaly damaged drives or Media
- Damage from surge or power failure
- Partition or boot problems
- Corrupt or missing file systems
- Unreadable media
- Corrupt or inaccessible files
- Drive unrecognized in BIOS
- Drive inaccessible in OS


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What to do when you notice that your drive may be going bad.

  • Fill out the form located below as best you can
  • Shutdown your system
  • DO NOT run your computer (You may cause more damage)
Contact Name (req)
Contact Number
Contact Email (req)
Description of problem
Make/Model of Drive or Media
Does drive make unusual noise?
Yes    No
Drive Detected by BIOS?
Yes     No

Drive detected by operating system?
Yes     No

Does computer bootup?
Yes     No

Operating System


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