Keeping your system clean is a must if you want your PC to live its full life.

Dust inside the PC acts as a blanket, it will trap heat and not allow cool air to enter your case. Heat is a major cause of component malfunction and may drastically shorten your computer's life . If your system has not been cleaned in the past three to six months now is the time to have a certified technician clean your system.

Onsite package would include:

  • Removal of system covers
  • Compressed air used on internal parts (power supply and cooling fans).
  • Exterior of system unit cleaned.
  • Cables and wires checked for secure fitting
  • Keyboard and Monitors vacuumed and cleaned.
  • Area surrounding PC will be vacuumed and wiped.

Rates: 40.00 per hour
Average cleaning: 20minutes per system


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