Networking Advantages

  • Do you want Internet access for everyone in the office?
  • Would you like to send e-mail to coworkers and clients?
  • Do you share files with others?
  • Are there more computers than printers in your office?
  • Do you need to back up files for all your computers?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then a network installed in your office can save you time, money, and hours of frustration, while providing increased productivity, greater communication, higher security, and peace of mind. It doesn’t matter what size your company is. A network can be beneficial to both small and large companies.

Increase Productivity. Networked computers can share resources… files, databases, printers, modems, scanners, or any other peripheral. Sharing files and databases decreases data entry time, while simultaneously increasing data input accuracy and productivity. Text files can be shared and re-used in other documents. Logos and custom headers can be copied from one document to another, creating a unified corporate appearance throughout your entire office. Networking increases productivity.

Communicate. E-mail provides you and your employees with a quick and easy way to communicate with coworkers, customers, and vendors! No more "phone tag". You can even send attached files, including graphic images, reports, and invoices. Networking helps you communicate.

Save money. Using a network, the entire office can access a single printer. No need to buy modems for every computer; access e-mail and the Internet over your network. A tape or CD rewritable drive, centrally located on a server, can back up files on every computer in the office. A single scanner can process documents and graphics for everyone, transferring the scanned files to the appropriate computer. Save money on hardware peripherals and Internet connections! Networking saves you money.


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