Windows 2000 Server

Windows 2000 Server provides a comprehensive solution for your networking needs. Like NT Server 4.0, it has been designed from the ground up as an integrated, multipurpose operating system.

File and Print Sharing Services. The file and printer sharing implementation is advanced, offering a distributed file system, Internet printing, content indexing, dynamic volume management, and Plug-and-Play support.

Networking and Communications Services. Networking infrastructure is complete and manageable—it offers true dynamic configuration, integrated dial-up and VPN with support for the latest IETF VPN protocol suite, telephony, and a Quality of Service (QoS) solution to guarantee bandwidth and network availability.

Application Services. Windows 2000 Server provides customers with a scalable solution in terms of CPU and memory support. The combination of Clustering Services, component load balancing, and the Windows Load Balancing Service provides customers with a comprehensive availability/load-balancing solution to further increase system scalability and reliability. Windows 2000 Server and COM+ provide a flexible and robust platform upon which to build distributed applications. Finally, integrated Terminal Services provides customers with a comprehensive thin-client solution.

Business Value. There is one compelling reason to upgrade to the Windows 2000 Server operating system: business value. The Windows 2000 Server Family goes beyond providing the essentials, such as file, print, and communications. It is engineered specifically to let companies reliably and economically use emerging technologies to improve business profitability and increase their agility in an ever-changing marketplace.

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